About the Projects Database


The NSV IRWMP project database includes projects that meet multiple adopted goals and objectives of the NSV IRWM Plan. The projects and programs submittal process that was undertaken to compile the approved lists of projects has generated a suite of robust, collaborative, integrated and potentially fundable projects in the region. The project lists include the name of the organization that submitted the project, a summary description of the project, and additional project details such as project cost and project phase.

At their June, 2016 meeting, the NSV Board, upon TAC recommendation, voted to change the NSV IRWMP Project Solicitation process to an open solicitation, whereby project proponents can submit projects at any time and the TAC will review and make recommendations to the Board at their quarterly meetings twice a year. (In the past, the NSV IRWM has only accepted new/updated project proposals during specified time periods, usually twice per year for approximately 30 days each).

Under the new solicitation process, inclusion of project proposals on the TAC agenda will be cut-off at the first Friday prior to the scheduled NSV Board meeting which will allow the TAC to review proposed projects at their regular meeting and bring their recommendation forward at the NSV Board meeting. All projects not making this deadline will automatically be rolled into the next review cycle.

The following are the cut-off dates for project proposals for 2020:

  • January 3, 2019 for the March 2, 2020 Board Meeting
  • July 3, 2020 for the August 3, 2020 Board Meeting

You can download the project solicitation forms on the Library page, or by clicking the links below:

Benefits of the Projects Database

  • Coordination – people involved in projects can make connections between projects to enhance resource sharing
  • Recognition – project visibility and regional support may increase
  • Information sharing – information about projects is transferred to others in the region so that one can better evaluate water management in the region
  • Funding – projects may be eligible for inclusion in local and region-wide funding proposals; potential project partners for funding applications may be identified through the database
  • Planning – projects help shape region-wide water resource planning, including the Integrated Regional Water Management Planning (IRWMP)

Please visit the Library page of this website to view the project list.

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