Below is a list of links that may be of interest to those who are also interested in the NSV IRWMP. The NSV IRWM Board does not claim responsibility for the content on any of the websites referenced below. These links are provided as a reference only.


Butte County,

Colusa County,

Glenn County,

Shasta County,

Sutter County,

Tehama County,

Local Water Agencies

Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District,

Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District,

Mountain Gate C.S.D. (Shasta County),

Paradise Irrigation District,

Reclamation District 108,

Shasta County Water Agency,

Tehama Colusa Canal Authority,

Western Canal Water District,

Local Water Organizations

Butte Creek Watershed Conservancy,

Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum,

Sacramento River Watershed Program,

Education Links

Aquafornia – CA Water News Blog,

Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA),

CA Dept of Water Resources – California Statewide Water Conditions,

CA Dept of Water Resources – Northern District,

CA Dept of Water Resources – Water Data Library,

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System,

California Urban Water Conservation Council,

Cyber-Sierra’s Conservation District Resource Center,

Delta Stewardship Council,

Northern California Water Association (NCWA),

Water Education Foundation,

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